Bardon and Paddington Classes

Term 4 2022 finishes 7 December

Term 1 2023 starts from 24 January

(please see timetable below for term information) 

Hello Fellow Yogis and Yoginis,


Classes will continue to be run as term classes with 15 per class at The Bardon Counselling and Natural Therapies Centre, and 25 at The Briswest Centre (see below).  Bookings are being taken now as each class tends to fill quickly.  Those currently in the term will get first preference until 7 December.  Please email me if you wish to join a class. 


Yoga Gear

You must bring your own mat, strap and blanket/towel to the classes.  There are bolsters at the venues however you may only use one if you bring a clean towel to put over it. No other yoga gear will be provided at either of the venues.


Cheers, and Namaste,


Classes (see timetable and cost below for term one 2023)

Tuesday Morning and Wednesday Evening Term Classes (class sizes are limited)

Bookings for next term are being taken now for the Tuesday morning and the Wednesday evening classes

All welcome, please reserve your place for the evening term or Tuesday morning classes as places are limited

If you wish to join a class please email Peter at or phone 0434 551 337

If you haven't been to these before, please phone Peter on 0434 551 337 or email: about any health conditions before attending. All classes are 1.5 hours long.




Briswest Centre, 132 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington
This is a lovely big air conditioned hall with sprung floorboards and. It is set in the heart of Paddington, opposite the shop 'Thousand Island Dressing', and just up the road from Woolies.  The classes have been held here in Paddington for over 29 years now..



Bardon Counselling and Natural Therapies Centre, 151 Boundary Road, Bardon

This is a longstanding therapies centre with a designated and air conditioned yoga room. It is on the border of Rainworth and Bardon, next to Rainworth State School.  Set in a leafy environment, it is a very quiet space.  The Wednesday evening classes have been held here in Bardon for over 29 years now.


Classes - General and Intermediate


General Classes

These classes are open to anyone. They are open to absolute beginners and to those who have been doing Yoga for some time. Variations can be given so that stretches and postures during the session can be done either gently or more dynamically to suit each person's needs.


The emphasis here is on releasing tension and getting to know the body through correct alignment. The aim is for the posture to feel naturally stable and uplifted. The result is increased stability and balance, flexibility and strength.


Everyone can benefit from gentle, deep stretching. Together with a deep relaxed breath awareness, the approach is one of sensitivity. Each individual can then progress towards greater energy levels, structural integrity, resiliance, and calmness of mind.


Pranayama (Breath Control Practices), Meditation and Relaxation are also practised to further release the mind and body from tension.


Current Practice Emphasis for General Classes

Understanding the stabilizing of pelvic and shoulder girdle areas. This develops core strength and centredness. Deep abdominal muscles and shoulder girdle  muscles are strengthened. Bringing this awareness into our yoga practice has helped to maintain balance throughout the body.


Sun Salutations, Tibetan Five Rites, and other sequences incorporating a range of postures, are taught from time to time as well to promote smoothly flowing and dynamic energy.


This term will involve:


Stretches and Strengthening Exercises

Gentle, therapeutic stretches - for stress and muscle tension release, and joint realignment

Stretching and toning exercises - for the health and balance of the whole body


Postures (Asanas) and Sequences

Classical and innovative postures - for flexibility and strength


Breathing Practices (Pranayama)

Ujjayi Breath - for calming the mind and improving concentration

Kapalabhati (Skull Shiner Breath), Bhastrika (Bellows Breath), and Nadi sodhana and Anuloma viloma (Alternate Nostril Breathing) for improving energy through the body, cleansing the mind, and balancing energy flow to the brain


Meditation (Dhyana)

Various practices for calming and centreing the mind, overcoming stress, and improving brain health


Relaxation (Yoga Nidra)

For whole body and mind relaxation


Intermediate Classes

These are open to those who are either reasonably fit as well as those who are more experienced yoga practitioners.


Some postures can be held for longer periods of time and may also be of a greater degree of difficulty.


Sun Salutations, Tibetan Five Rites, and other sequences incorporating a range of postures, are taught from time to time to promote smoothly flowing, and sometimes, dynamic energy.


These classes also give the practitioner the choice to explore Inverted Postures such as headstands and shoulderstands or variations of these. Intermediate classes involve more advanced Pranayama practices, and Meditation and Relaxation.


In all classes

Practitioners are encouraged to go at their own pace, approaching stretches and postures appropriately and without force.


Current Practice Emphasis for Intermediate Classes

Stretches and Strengthening Exercises

As for General classes


Postures (Asanas) and Sequences

More advanced postures and sequences


Breathing Practices (Pranayama)

Ujjayi Breath - as for General classes

Kapalabhati (Skull Shiner Breath), Bhastrika (Bellows Breath), Nadi sodhana and Anuloma viloma (with higher ratios) for enhancing energy flow through the body, cleansing the mind, and balancing energy flow to the brain


Meditation (Dhyana)

As for General classes however for longer periods


Relaxation (Yoga Nidra)

For whole body and mind relaxation




Bringing affirmations into one's meditation practice can be very positive and self-empowering. Below are some examples which have been sourced from a plethora of sources.

I suggest reading through the list and choosing one that feels appropriate at the time.

To bring it into your meditation or any other time you make available, repeat the thought pattern ie. affirmation, several times, feeling its meaning deepl with full concentration

All is well and harmonious in my life

I am a loving being, full of the joy of life

I trust in and allow the process of life to flow freely

I am at peace with myself

I trust and accept change as a necessary part of my spiritual growth

I am a patient and tolerant person

I am healthy, whole and complete

I love and approve of myself. I am loving and loveable

I love and accept myself at every age. Each moment in life is perfect

I move forward easily in life

I lovingly hold and embrace my experiences with ease and with joy

I am filled with joy. It flows through me with every beat of my heart

I know that life always supports me

I am well structured and balanced

I lovingly forgive and release all of the past. I choose to fill my world with joy. I love and approve of myself

I allow my mind to relax and be at peace. Clarity and harmony are within me and around me

I relax and allow my mind to be peaceful

I easily flow with new experiences, new directions and new changes

I see with love and joy

I am enthusiastic about life and filled with energy and enthusiasm

It is safe to be who I am

I am at peace and comfortable with every area of my life. I am strong and capable

I am in perfect balance. I move forward in life with ease and with joy at every age

I am flexible and flowing

I am a human being not a human doing

I am both wise and loving in nature

I value the practice of being free of judgement

I value the practice of being free from criticism

The energy of the universe flows through me, maintaining my well-being. I release energy in ways that are healing for myself and the Earth

I am committed to finding the most worthwhile routes for my energies - I work to transform my emotions into the exhilarating energies of the spirit

Like an ocean wave, my emotions come and go, but the depth of my being remains unchanging, eternal

I rest in tranquillity and divine grace. In this moment I am calm, happy, and fulfilled

I have a wealth of knowledge and talent. Each day I spend some time in quiet contemplation to allow these riches to emerge

Infinite patience creates infinite results

I choose the joy of wellness as a way of life

Peace begins at home. When I come from a place of peace, I see peace around me


Affirmations for the Chakras

First or Base Chakra

I trust in the goodness of life to carry me through

I belong wherever I am

I choose life

I affirm my right to the life I know I want

I cultivate consistency, stability, and a wholesome struture to support me through life's changes

I accept myself as I am

I am grateful for the experiences of my life


Second or Sacral Chakra

I allow pleasure and goodness into my life

I know that I deserve goodness and joy

I accept that good health is my natural state

I allow abundance into my experience

I open myself to simple healing pleasures

I cultivate health, wholeness, and ease

I deserve to feel peace in my life


Third or Solar Plexus Chakra

I know that who I am is love, intelligence, and goodness

I am worthy of a good life

I am confident that life will support me through all its changes

I use my power wisely

I choose life, love, and goodness

I am in touch with the source of my power

I am a radiant and whole being, able to find my path in life


Fourth or Heart Chakra

I love to be loved

I am love

Love is at the centre of my life

Love is all that truly matters in life

Love connects me to the infinite and makes me whole

Love restores my faith in life


Fifth or Throat Chakra

I speak my truth and homour my commitment to it

I express myself as honestly as I can

I share my feelings with ease and comfort

I live from my integrity

I communicate what is so for me, without projecting my truth onto others

I express myself as creatively as possible

I listen to my inner truth


Sixth or Brow Chakra

My love of life reflects itself in all that I see and do

I acknowledge my worth and accept my goodness

My nature is whole

I am able to discern the good from what pulls my spirit down

I find wisdom from my past and healing in the present

I use my intelligence and intuition to light my way forward

I cultivate a positive outlook in all situations


Seventh or Crown Chakra

I acknowledge the presence of spirit working in my life

I see the one true reality

God works in my life regardless of my limitations

I am open to the healing power of spirit working in my life

Th divine guides me on the path of life

I release fear, doubt, and pain as i accept that my life is blessed

I surrender my arrogance and ego to a power higher than myself