Hatha Yoga


Hatha Yoga brings awareness to the mind/body through attention to breathing, postural alignment, meditation and relaxation. As a practice, it is adaptable to anyone and encourages the practitioner to be guided by their own experience.


With the physical stretches and postures (asanas) explored in yoga there are many variations on a theme so it is suitable for everyone regardless of body type, strength, and flexibility.


Breathing practices (Pranayama) are used to create and maintain optimum energy flow through the whole body, benefitting us physically, emotionally, and mentally. This in turn creates a clear state of mind for meditation.


Meditation and Relaxation practices are equally an important feature in a balanced Hatha Yoga class. As we become more conscious of tension on a physical, emotional, or mental level, we can learn how to release it. Even otherwise subconsciously held tension can arise and be released on a conscious level. Prevention then becomes possible. In this way, we open up areas of stiffness or ‘energy blocks’ and move with greater ease.


In other words, Hatha Yoga recognizes individual differences and raises our conscious mind towards a universal understanding. It brings to our conscious awareness both flexibility and strength in the body and mind and a more peaceful relationship to life in the process.


In your Practice:


Please eat only a very light meal one hour before class or preferably a regular meal 3-4 hours before. Food in the digestive system too close to the class session may interfere with energy flow as well as create feelings of discomfort.

Please let me know if you are ill, have an injury, plan to be away, or have any problems.

Please be punctual - for yourself, others in the class and for me, your teacher.

Please feel free to discuss any aspect of Yoga with me or let me know of any problems you might be having either before or after the class.

Most importantly, do what you can, progress at your own pace, and enjoy your Yoga.