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Every two years or so Peter takes a group to the World Heritage listed Lord Howe Island for a week.  This will be Peter's 14th trip there!


This beautiful location is the perfect place to relax and enjoy our practice of yoga and experience one of the world's most beautiful islands.  Only 400 people are allowed to visit Lord Howe at any one time so it is not crowded.  It is a nature lover's paradise with plenty of crystal clear beaches and lots of walking trails of various degrees of difficulty and distance.  Bird and sea life are in abundance! 


This retreat is limited to ten people plus Peter and his wife Kerri, and open to all levels of yoga experience.


Price includes:

Return Airfare and Twin Share (self - contained) Accommodation from Brisbane (seven days and seven nights)

Three Group Restaurant Dinners (other four nights free to do what you wish)

Two Organised Activities (snorkelling trip, and guided walk with island guide)

Yoga (six 2 hr sessions) and two Qi gong sessions (one on the lagoon and one on the cliffs)

There are many activities possible on Lord Howe outside of our planned ones which can be organised either before we go or at Lord Howe

Our Schedule (approximate)

Sunday ? February

2.50pm Arrival at Lord Howe **

4.30pm Qi gong at the lagoon

6.30pm Group Dinner at Beachcomber Restaurant

Monday ? February

7-9am Yoga Session

11am Organised Activity with island guide (snorkel or walk)*

Tuesday ? February

7-9am Yoga Session

11am Organised Activity with island guide (snorkel or walk)*

5.30pm Meet at Ned's Beach. Bring a plate to share for dinner on the beach. 

Wednesday ? February

7-9am Yoga Session

Free Time or

10am Malabar Cliffs guided walk with Peter (optional) 

6.30pm Group Dinner at Pandanus or Anchorage Restaurant

Thursday ? February

7-9am Yoga Session or Climb Mt Gower (an all day walk, and considered by many to be one of Australia's top day walks., It is not done as part of our group, it is booked separately by anyone wishing to do this and can only be done with an island guide, Jack Shick, who takes 10-20 people. There are steep sections which require good fitness.  It is not included in the retreat cost)

Free Time

6.30pm Group Dinner at The Golf Club

Friday ? February

7-9am Yoga Session

Free Time or

10am Boat Harbour guided walk with Peter (optional) 

Saturday ? February

7-9 Yoga Sesssion

Free Time

6.30pm Group Dinner at The Anchorage Restaurant

Sunday ? February

6am Qi gong session at Jim's Point

10.15am Departure from LHI **

* These are subject to the best times according to tide and swell for the snorkelling so may be at other times during the week

** These times may vary slightly


To book or send an expression of interest, email peter@peterbissonyoga.com or call 0434 551 337


Last Retreat: 10-17 February 2019


The last Lord Howe Retreat (February 10-17, 2016) - we had another wonderful week of yoga, bushwalking, swimming, snorkelling and relaxing! Thankyou everyone for a most enjoyable week!  The company (my wife Kerri, Kim and Barbara, Joy, Elizabeth, Chris, Nicky, and Katie, and Matt and Bev) was wonderful.

Two of our group, Chris and Katie climbed Mt Gower on the only day it rained that week! This was quite a rewarding challenge however but by no means the main focus of the week. There were so many other wonderful experiences as well. The air temperature was I guess about 22 to 30 degrees celsius, and some days warmer, the visibilty for snorkelling was less than 20 metres as it was a bit breezy at times, although those sea breezes were appreciated. The snorkelling was still fun at several different snorkel spots by boat, plus walking of the beach at Ned's Beach, which was beautiful. We only had that one day of rain. The islanders would have liked more as they have been in drought for months.

Our group dinners at Beachcomber, The Golf Club, and at The Anchorage were great too! I think everyone enjoyed the food on the island. Not really much kingfish however which was unusual.  Because of the windy conditions and swells this year the boats couldn't go out as much.

A great time was had by everyone!  It was my fifteenth visit. As a World Heritage listed island, it is truly a unique place for a yoga retreat and for some time out with like-minded people.

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