Your teacher, Peter Bisson


Peter Bisson (I.Y.T.A., D.Ac., B.Sc., Cert. Mass.) began yoga in 1983 in Sydney, practising with various teachers. He began teaching in 1992 while gaining his International Yoga Teachers Association (I.Y.T.A.) diploma. It was at this time that Peter also completed a certificate in Oriental Massage (Tui na).


Prior to teaching yoga, he worked as a biologist in the field of marine aquaculture.


The yearly retreat to Lord Howe perfectly combines his love of yoga, sharing Nature with other people, and his love of the sea.


In 1995 he finished a three year diploma of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (T.C.M.). He runs his own clinic from home. From this experience Peter learns much about energy flow and health from the very practical and time honoured perspective of T.C.M., as well as receiving an understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the human body from a western viewpoint. This knowledge together with the many different approaches to yoga that he has learned from other teachers has enabled Peter to develop a yoga practice that is both traditional and yet innovative. The classes therefore incorporate this understanding into general and specific stretches and postures. 


In the meantime he has completed two courses in herbs (Western and Chinese) and has been to Sri Lanka to further his knowledge of T.C.M..


Peter has produced a guided relaxation cd and 182 page yoga book. See details under CD and eBook above. It is designed as a user-friendly manual for the beginner to intermediate practitioner. It contains loads of photos and instructional text including meditations, sequences, and variations to suit anyone.


Peter has been teaching yoga on a full time basis since 1992, having taught the whole time in Brisbane, and also in Byron Bay and Bangalow in northern New South Wales while living there between 1994 and 1998.


He now lives in Auchenflower in an old Queenslander style house.


Peter Bisson 

27 Beard Street, 


Queensland Australia 4066 

0434 551 337