Yoga relaxation or psychic sleep cd (Yoga Nidra)



$20 for pick up at any yoga class or
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To order CD email Peter Bisson or call 0434 551 337.


Liner Notes

A guided relaxation eases tension as we are encouraged to be consciously aware of our breathing and enter into different levels of the body and mind. Relaxing into levels of awareness deeper than those achieved by sleep, this has profound physiological benefits on all the systems of the body. 


A deep relaxation eases obvious stress and tension as well as subtle or even subconsciously held tensions.This allows the body to regulate or bring balance to its functioning.


Brainwave patterns are brought into the alpha or theta wavelengths which are free of anxiety and stress, and conducive to a detached awareness and creative inspiration.This forms a bridge between the conscious and subconscious and helps in maintaining a healthy brain and body.


In addition to the physical state of our being receiving this deeper relaxation, the emotional and mental states of our being also benefit as we are able to observe our feelings and thoughts as they arise without the need to be 'on guard'.


We may experience a dreamlike state or simply observe sensations, impressions or images along the way.


As we let go of deeper levels of tension in our deep relaxation we are then able to become conscious of a deeper inner peace,and from that form a connection to our calmness of spirit.


It is within this mindful and conscious connection to our spirit that we realize the most profound awareness of who we are and how we feel in the moment.


We train the mind therefore to be at peace and consciously present and alive in each moment.


It is within this presence of mind, of deep conscious relaxation, that we can experience a greater understanding of ourselves, of others, of nature and the universe, and live in peace, joy, harmony, and love. To fully appreciate your guided relaxations on this CD listen to them as many times as you need to absorb the conscious essence of what you are experiencing.


In this way you will then be able to create your own guided relaxation by following your own intuition and understanding. Track One is there to settle you into the correct position for relaxation (Shavasana or Corpse Pose).You can then either listen to Track Two or instead program Tracks One and Three together.


Track Three may also be used for seated meditation.


Relax in peace.


Track Listing

Track 1 Relaxation Posture (Savasana)

Track 2 Relaxation One - Rotation of Consciousness

Music Drifting Through the Inner Realms (21:30) (Tarshito and Paul Kimmel)

Hear the Distance (3:00) (Paul Kimmel)

Track 3 Relaxation Two - Chakra Awareness

Music Cicada C Chakra (9:38) (Sangeet)

Under the Crescent Moon (12:08)

(Tarshito, Lula & Peter Haddock)

Blue (7:02) (Tarshito)



All music produced, recorded, and engineered by Tarshito at Kittani Music Solar Powered Studio, Mullumbimby,Australia. For Tarshito’s music telephone 02 6684 2350 or email: CD cover Artwork by Geoff Goullet. Graphic Design and Production Coordinators: ToadShow. Many thanks to my partner Kerri McElwaine and Elizabeth Ackland, Michael Connor, Pat Maloney and to my students for their encouragement and support.

Yoga for mind and body cd or eBook



CD: $30 for pick up at any yoga class or 
$35 including postage.

eBook (sent as pdf): $30


Ordering Information

To order cd or eBook email Peter Bisson or call 0434 551 337.


Liner Notes

Containing loads of photos and instructional text, this 182 page book is a practical manual suitable for beginners to intermediate students. It has been designed to be user-friendly. Variations of stretches and postures (asanas) are included to adapt to individual differences. Information on benefits and cautions.

Contents also include chapters on breathing (pranayama), meditation (dhyana), affirmations, chakras, and suggested routines and sequences.